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Community Care Fund

What is the United Way Community Care Fund?

The Community Care Fund helps the most vulnerable in our community through program grants to qualifying health and human service agencies in North Idaho. The Community Care Fund provides a financial partnership with these local organizations to target root causes and find solutions to community needs.

Our goal is to align funding, volunteers, partner agencies, government and grants with programs that work. Our donors expect their dollars to measurably improve the quality of people’s lives and build a stronger community. United Way is aligning its resources to goals targeted at positively changing community conditions.

United Way is recognized as a community leader that:

  • Identifies and builds on community strengths and assets
  • Helps individuals and groups with specific community interests find ways to contribute their time and talents
  • Supports programs and agencies that provide direct services to help individuals and families
  • Advocates for public policy that improves community conditions

We encourage local organizations to work collaboratively towards addressing root causes, and finding solutions to those community needs. We have identified three key focus areas in our community: Education, Health, and Basic Needs/Income. Within these focus areas are included:

Education: Helping youth and children achieve their potential.

  • Children are safe and nurtured
  • Children (birth through age 5) will enter school ready to learn and succeed
  • Children will succeed in school and graduate on time and are ready to succees in post-secondary education and a career path.

Financial Stability: All individuals and families have access to the basic needs of food and shelter. Promote financial stability and independence.

  • People have the basics of food and shelter
  • Financially self-sufficient families and individuals
  • Adequate transprtation to access resources

Health: Improving people’s physical, mental, and dental health.

  • Families and individuals are able to access quality and affordable health care which includes:  physical, dental, and mental health and wellness
  • Prevent and respond to domestic violence

United Way invests in programs and organizations that pass a rigorous process. A team of community volunteers conduct agency reviews, and site visits, and make funding decisions based on accountability and results.

Click here to download a list of our currently funded programs.