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Community Care Fund Report

Community Care Fund | Reporting 

The total impact of United Way of North Idaho and all its funded partners is much greater than any single organization alone. Donors are increasingly interested in seeing the big picture of how local organizations are working together to change lives in our community. To accomplish this, United Way and its local partners must work together to effectively measure and consistently communicate our shared value to the community. Our Local Results Framework was developed for this purpose: to measure and communicate the aggregate impact of our work, together. 

Data in the Local Results Framework is collected across all our funded programs, aggregated, and subsequently shared with our local corporate partners, donors, and the community at-large. The same data is reported to United Way Worldwide annually, aggregated on a global scale, and shared with the entire worldwide network of United Way's corporate partners and donors. 

Key Benefits of the Results Framework:

  • Demonstrates how donor investments are helping to achieve change in our community
  • Conveys the scale of shared results across all partners in our community
  • Simplifies and aligns results to show meaningful progress on shared community goals
Reporting Instructions for Funded Agencies

Reports are due semiannually on June 1st and January 1st, and cover program activities for the preceeding six months. All questions are required but if specific data is not collected for your program, enter a "0". Questions? Contact us! or 208.667.8112

Please provide a summary of program activities conducted over the past six months including what is going well, challenges and/or unmet needs, and any changes to program activities and/or staff.
Enter the number of unduplicated/unique individuals served by the program in the preceding six months
Specify general demographics of population served, i.e. students, children, adults, seniors, veterans, etc.
Enter the number of low-to-moderate income households (less than or equal to 80% of the Area Median Income) served, and how that data is collected.
Enter the number of ALICE households (up to 100% Area Median Income) served and how the data was collected. This number may be inclusive of LMI served.
Enter the Quantity Measure target set for your program
Enter the program's quantity measure reached to date
Enter the Results Indicator Target selected for your program
Enter the Results Indicator met to date for your program
The formula is simple: use powerful statistics, communicate progress, and bring it to life with a personal narrative. The best short stories typically include both a human interest lead that illustrates how a project/program has improved people’s lives or made a difference in the community, and results to back up the claim to success. Stories should contain beneficiaries and beneficiary quotes. Stories are not mere program descriptions, but real life examples of the impact of your program through the lens of the people affected by it.
Use the field below to add any explanatory notes, additional metrics, or details not otherwise covered in the report