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Education Partners

The following programs are currently funded through the United Way of North Idaho, Kootenai County Community Care Fund.


Safe Sleep for Idaho Babies: Provide Safe Sleep Survival Kits to north Idaho families, and expand awareness outreach and training to parents and caregivers. Survival Kits provide the lifesaving education as well as necessary tools to enable families to follow safe sleep guidelines and keep their babies safe.

Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation 

Advocate Training

To recruit, train and retain advocates acting on behalf of victims of child neglect and abuse in Kootenai County. The project will ensure CASA's ability to respond in the most timely and efficient manner to Child Protection Act cases referred by the courts.

First Judicial District CASA Program

Camp Allstars

Local children with disabilities develop social skills and improve their health while having fun in the safe and nurturing environment of Camp Allstars. This dynamic camp program meets six hours a day on 75 non-school days a year.

Specialized Needs Recreation

After School Enrichment: An extra-curricular program that gives Athol Elementary students a safe space for creative expression, exploring new skills, and extending learning opportunities.  

Athol Elementary 

Nurturing Fathers & Nurtured Children:  With the mission of strengthening families and preventing child abuse, ICARE helps north Idaho dads learn about the roots of fathering, disciplining without violence, teamwork with a spouse or partner, feelings, empathy, and nurturing our children and ourselves. Children participate in age-appropriate activities that teach morals and values, positive self-talk, and personal power. Dads and kids share dinner, play together, and practice what they learned.

ICARE Program of St Vincent de Paul 

Youth Awareness & Development: Help implement and/or maintain iDFY chapters at secondary schools in each of the 28 school districts in Idaho’s 5 northern counties. Chapters are comprised of students who commit to a healthy lifestyle and personal accountability, develop leadership skills, cultivate peer connections, and work to build a positive and supportive school community. 

Idaho Drug Free Youth